Group Hypnobirthing

Doula-designed hypnobirthing classes.

Teaching you to develop your calm, confident, effective coping techniques.

Supporting your personal, flexible birth plan.


Our four 90-minute classes lead you through the course logically and practically.

Starting with the Physiology of Birth you'll learn what an amazing, dynamic organ your uterus is. You'll see the positive feedback loop which connects your baby, your cervix and your brain. We'll take a look at how you can optimise the Hormones of Birth and get to know more about our friend Oxytocin. We'll also talk - fearlessly and honestly - about pain. By the end of this session you'll be reassured that you are the pinnacle of evolution, the final link in a chain of women reaching back millions of years. 

In Week Two we take a deep dive into the 'hypno'. You'll learn that there's no magic to this. We'll invite you to take a few long, slow breaths and draw your attention to how powerful your breath is. Building on what we learnt in Week One, we'll reflect on how your breath can be your first tool, regardless of the path your birth takes. You'll learn about how to use the MP3s in pregnancy and in birth. We'll focus on affirmations, why being realistic is critical - and we'll encourage you to get creative! We'll also talk about how being hyper-critical and judgemental is a vital asset. You'll leave this class with breathing techniques you can use every day and a clear understanding of how to weave breathing into your birth.


In Week 3 it's all about Birth Plans and Partners. We always start by reminding you that birth plans work best when they're fluid. This is not about setting rigid terms, it's about giving you flexibility. We'll encourage you to consider your unique values and preferences, and get confident about how much these matters. You'll get deep down and granular in your plans. Partners! This is your time to shine! Step up and prepare to Protect and Serve, with practical ideas and gentle techniques. This class will encourage you to turn your attention to what will make birth Good for you, and how you'll create

that space, however your birth happens. 


In the final week you'll get super practical. We'll take time to think about how birth is sometimes de-railed. We'll be honest about how that feels, what might happen, and tactics for coping with change. Now's the time to think beyond your birth! We'll talk transformations, and encourage you

to think about how your body and emotions might feel once you're a Mum.

We've got a wealth of Top Tips and recommendations for the Fourth Trimester and beyond.

You'll finish this class - and the course - feeling confident about controlling the things you can control, and calm about coping with the things you can't.  


This isn't

good-bye, though.

You'll already have been invited to join your private class Facebook group.

We'll join you there for the four weeks of your course to answer any questions you might have

and offer further support and information as you need.

When you're ready - perhaps when your baby's birth day approaches -

you can book your 60minute 121 call with us, which you can use as you wish.

A breathing re-cap? Sure thing. A chat about your options? We're happy to listen and

suggest strategies (although we won't ever give you medical advice or recommendations).   


During the Coronavirus pandemic all our classes are running via Zoom

4 x 90 minute classes

1 x 60 minute 121 follow-up call 

The Calm Birth Book

5 x Calm Birth MP3s

Weekly emails carrying further resources to build on what you cover in class,

and our recommended home learning & practice schedule

Access to the Birth Room, your own area here on the website, to access materials & resources, information, inspiration, birth films and BONUS VIDEO TUTORIALS from our friends; 


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April 2021

Wednesday 7th April | 730 - 9pm

Wednesday 14th April | 730 - 9pm

Wednesday 21st April | 730 - 9pm

Wednesday 28th April | 730 - 9pm


May 2021

Wednesday 6th May | 730 - 9pm

Wednesday 13th May | 730 - 9pm

Wednesday 20th May | 730 - 9pm

Wednesday 27th May | 730 - 9pm


June 2021

Wednesday 9th June | 730 - 9pm

Wednesday 16th June | 730 - 9pm

Wednesday 23rd June | 730 - 9pm

Wednesday 30th June | 730 - 9pm


£250 per couple