A super practical one-day birth planning course that comes with ALL the hypnobirthing too. 

Price - £295

Nurturing Inspiration - what's it all about?

If you're looking for an antenatal class that challenges, stimulates & inspires, I'm here to tell you   you've found your Tribe. 

Give yourself the time and the space to focus on your pregnancy & birth.

Get the chilled-out, calm-birth promise of standard hypnobirthing classes along with this doula's practical insight, so you'll feel completely confident using it in practice. 

What the day brings

Deep in the heart of the Kent Countryside this is all about giving you the time & space to focus & contemplate your pregnancy & birth to come - cosseted away from the hubbub & hassle. 

This time is devoted to taking a deep dive into what Birth is - and what it can be. I'll guide you through the questions you don't yet know you need to ask about how birth happens, what normal is (and is not), and why it's not the same for everyone. I'll introduce to you to the varying Spheres of Influence you'll encounter during your pregnancy & birth, and help you recognise them & work with them. 

Of course, there's also the emotional dexterity which hypnobirthing brings. These are skills you'll use in your pregnancy, birth & beyond. You'll come to recognise this isn't simply a nice-to-have, cherry-on-your-birthing-cake. Hypnobirthing will have a definable benefit to your birth experience, however it plays out on the day. 

You'll leave feeling aligned & connected with your birth partner. Beyond the feelings you'll learn practical formats & approaches that will release you create a birth plan that works!

Why this course, and not one of the others? 

  1. As a doula I hold a unique position in the birth room. Without clinical responsibility and or a vested interested in how birth plays out, I see clearly what soothes women, what they need to cope, how hypnobirthing happens in practice, and how birth can be de-railed. I know pregnancy, birth & parenting is a complicated old thing, so I'll be honest with you, and I won't promise that this + this = that. ⁠I will bring you first hand experience & impartiality. 

  2. You might decamp at the end of the day, but you aren't leaving. We follow up the day with 2 x 40min 121 follow up coaching calls, so you can adopt and adapt all the insight & skills you're taking on board. I'll be present to help you tailor your learning as your pregnancy & expectations progress. 

  3. You get the best of both worlds - the dynamism & perspective that comes with group learning + 121 personalised birth coaching. You get  more insight, more expertise, more time & more nurturing support on this course than any other. 

  4. I know there isn't a 'Right' or a 'Wrong' way to be pregnant, give birth or parent, so I'm not going to tell you anything. We take a coaching approach and ask questions, questions, questions. I know that what you believe about birth is probably a little out of whack. So I'll encourage you to research widely and critically, to create your own plan - one that is realistic, personal and flexible. ⁠My job is help you discover your OWN path, not adopt mine. ⁠

  5. If this course looks & feels right to you, then it's the course for you. It's important that you feel comfortable, that you trust my credibility & approach. 

OK. So what do I actually get....

  • A place for you (& your partner) at the Good Birth Planning + Hypnobirthing Retreat

  • The Good Birth Practice Goody Bag

  • The Calm Birth Book by Suzy Ashworth

  • 5 x Calm Birth Hypnobirthing MP3s 

  • 2 x 40min 121 follow-up Birth Coaching calls

  • Access to the Birth Room, our online client area, packed with refreshers, tips, resources, birth films & BONUS video tutorials including; 

10 Top Preparing for Breastfeeding Tips

from Anna Le Grange, the Mindful Breastfeeding Coach

The Truth About Infant Sleep

from Katie Palmer at Infant Sleep Consultants

Your Pelvic Floor - what it is & how to show it some love

from Jo May at Radiant Personal Training

Realistic Self Care for Mums

from Silke Thistlewood at Raise Up Mums

...and what are the practicalities? 

Good Birth + Hypnobirthing Retreats take place at Hever Health​, deep in the glorious Kent Countryside. Retreats usually take place on Sunday's, starting at 930am and finishing at 530pm. You're welcome to join me for lunch at The Waterside restaurant, or to bring your own and picnic outside. 

Check up-coming dates here

All you need to bring is yourself (in some comfy clothes) & your curiosity. 

What next? 

Give me a call​. Let's have a chat about what 'Good' means to you, and how we can work towards it. If 'Good' is still a bit nebulous & theoretical, then lets chat about what you want (and don't want) from a course, and see if I'm the right one for you

Email me at

Call me on 07905 986810

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