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Join me for an evening of pregnancy inspiration & positivity

Price - £15

Fully Redeemable against your Hypnobirthing course

At this Hypnobirthing Foundation Class you'll find out more about what hypnobirthing is, why on earth you need it, and how you can use the knowldeg, insight & skills to have a Good Birth

Let's be honest, pregnancy & birth have a pretty bad reputation. Despite that, though, you may have heard of some women feeling pretty positive about it all - particularly those that practised hypnobirthing. 

The problem is, you know better to believe that there could be a 'silver bullet' solution. There must be more to it than simply breathing and visualising an opening lotus flower, otherwise we'd all be doing it, right? 

This Foundation Hypnobirthing Class is your chance to get the low-down. Come along to this workshop and gift yourself some time and space to really think about your birth, and get a fresh perspective. During this hour we'll;

  • Take a fresh look at why we're so scared of birth - are we fearful of the wrong things? 

  • Talk about how hypnobirthing works - where the hypno sits and what else you need to know to feel confident

  • Practise one hypnobirthing technique you can take away & use immediately

  • Get your hands on my recommended read & follow list 

Tickets are just £15 each - admits 1 x couple

This price is redeemable if you go on to book a full hypnobirthing course or doula services. 

Antenatal education, postnatal support with The Good Birth Practice

Check out the course - and me! - before you commit 

There's not doubt that a hypnobirthing course is a big investment at a time when you have lots of other things to spend money on.....and a maternity leave income to manage on. This Foundation Class is your chance to check out what's on offer, and feel reassured of the value this investment will bring you on the day you have your baby, and each day afterwards as you remember the moment your bought your baby into the World. 

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