Hypnobirthing Foundation Class

A chance for you to find out more about hypnobirthing,

and for me to bust some myths & inspire some confidence....

Price - £25

Fully Redeemable against your Hypnobirthing course

As if pregnancy isn't full enough of new information & ideas, you're also wondering how to go about having a not-entirely-terrible birth experience.

You've heard about Hypnobirthing, and now you're wondering if it's going to be right for you. That's perfectly reasonable - hypnobirthing does sometimes have a reputation for funnelling women towards a particular 'type' of birth.


You'll be reassured to know there's no agenda here. I know (because I've seen it in action) that hypnobirthing skills & techniques are useful however you think you'd like to give birth - and if your birth takes a turn you hadn't anticipated.


I would love you to feel confident that calm & control are habits you can learn (even if, like me, you're someone who likes to Fill Their Time!). I'd also like to reassure you that it will make a difference to your birth experience. 

I'd also like to you know that hypnobirthing is just one of things that will influence your birth. That's why my hypnobirthing course covers ALL the standard hypnobirthing content AND more, to help ensure you are completely, honestly, reaslistically, practically & emotionally prepared to have your baby. And frankly, it's no more than you deserve. 

Check out the course - and me! - 

before you commit 

There's not doubt that a hypnobirthing course is a big investment at a time when you have lots of other things to spend money on.....and a maternity leave income to manage on. This Foundation Class is your chance to check out what's on offer, and feel reassured that I know what I'm talking about. No candles, sandles or snake oil here!


What will you hear?

This Foundation Class contains all the information I used to cover in the first 90 minutes of my standard hypnobirthing classes, including; 

  • Why do we have such low expectations of birth?

  • What is a Good Birth anyway?

  • The hypno bit - what is it, how does it help & how much of the class is spent on it?

  • What else is included in the course (which isn't in other hypnobirthing classes)

  • Q&A


This is the actual content I used to start each & every one of my hypnobirthing classes with. The thing is, I'd rather spend my class time with you discussing other, more complex issues. 


By the end of this first class you will understand exactly what I mean by a Good Birth, and exactly why Hypnobirthing techniques + my experience & guidance will help you get just that

(however your birth actually happens).


Want in? Of COURSE you do!


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