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Demystifying home birth

You know I have a bee in my bonnet about how women are conditioned to accept a pretty poor experience in pregnancy, birth & motherhood, right? Well home birth is one of my things. It's not right for everyone - sometimes there are particularly conditions in your pregnancy which make it a challenge, and some women simply feel more comfortable in a birthing centre or hospital.

BUT. We are so conditioned to accept that birth = hospital that for many women (and their partners) the idea of a home birth just seems to 'out-there' to even consider. Think about it; all births in TV programmes, movies & dramas take place in hospital. When you tell your GP you're pregnant, the likelihood is he'll ask which hospital you want to deliver in. In fact this conditioning goes right back to our earliest comprehension about birth - I've yet to see a kids book where a baby is born anywhere other than hospital (something we've had to highlight with our own 3 home-birthed children; Thing #1; 'which hospital was I born in, Mummy?', Me; 'Er, on the carpet over there...').

So. I was chuffed to bits to be invited to join Natasha, a community midwife specialising in home birth, and the really rather fabulous Michelle, Golda & Jenny of Woman Meets Motherhood, to talk about my own experiences of home births, and why it really can be a realistic, practical and LOVELY option for more women than realise....

Wanna chat about your plans for birth? Just book a call with me, here


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