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Early Bird offer - Birth Preparation Workshop

I've been working with the very lovely Elise from EB Yoga since the beginning of this year, and we've been hatching this plan almost since then. In partnership with Nicola Spencer - an equally lovely Registered Midwife - we've devised an almost too-good-to-be-true afternoon of birth preparation.

This workshop is designed to give you a really comprehensive grounding in the practical, physical and mental preparations which will help you SURF YOUR BIRTH and enjoy a GOOD BIRTH experience.

During the course of the afternoon you (and your partner, if you wish to bring them along) will enjoy;


Showing you how to move your body with the help of your partner and use of props, creating the space and softness within you, to birth your baby with ease.

You will be guided as an individual and a couple through different postures, simple pain relief using massage techniques, breathing techniques to allow you to rest and give that boost of energy when needed as well as great birthing positions to help and allow for a more open and comfortable labor. (The partner’s support in postures during labor can be so helpful and bonding). We make time for relaxation allowing you to let go of any apprehensions; this gorgeously nurturing practice allows you to stop and take time for you and your baby, giving you the space to connect with this incredible little person growing within you.

This is a fun and informative workshop where a role is created for the birthing partner so please come comfortably dressed and be prepared to get on the floor and join in!


Relaxation in pregnancy isn't just a indulgent treat - it has a practical effect, as when you are relaxed & confident your body produces lots of lovely Oxytocin, the primary hormone of labour.

In this session you'll learn about the hormones of birth & the practical things you can do to influence them. We'll discuss the importance of the birth environment & how you can use relaxation & breathing techniques to help you focus, feel confident & at ease.

The session will end with a guided relaxation session, and includes a link to a meditation download.


Knowledge is power and this is certainly true when it comes to labour and birth and beyond!

As a midwife I find providing women and their birth partners and understanding of the physiology of childbirth gives them confidence when going through labour.

Some of the many topics I like to discuss include:

  • Useful things to pack in your hospital bag

  • Perineal massage

  • When to call the midwife

  • The three stages of labour

  • Pain relief options

  • Different types of births

  • And looking after you and baby in the postnatal period.

When providing antenatal education every topic is up for discussion and I like to allow time for questions and to tackle any worries.

SPACES ARE LIMITED - to take advantage of the Early Bird Discount contact Elise before Saturday 22nd September to book your space!


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