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Put the call out for test drivers! Could this be you?

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I've been teaching hypnobirthing classes for several years now, and I know the type of woman I'm most likely to see. They are independent. They are capable. They are forthright. They tend to be successful in their chosen career. And they have busy lives! It might be work. It might be moving house. It may be voluntary work, or sport. Of course, there are social events with friends & family. The what is less relevant than the why - these women are used to being active, in control & on the ball.

All of which means committing to 4x 2.5 hours of classes, every week for four weeks can be something of a challenge. Pregnancy rarely diminishes the diary - even if sometimes, as the bump swells, those diary dates might seem a little more punishing.

In response to a regular call for more accessible classes, I've re-formatted my Calm Birth Method hypnobirthing class into a condensed format. All the same great content. All delivered in the same no-nonsense, rational, practical way. Still with the same great Goody Bag (and, actually, 4 more bonuses that I can't reveal quite yet!).

So! I'm looking for x3 Test Drivers! In exchange for your giving this new format a run for it's money, you'll get a massive price reduction. In fact, you'll only pay 50% of the standard group class price. Which means you'll only pay £175 - instead of the usual price of £350.

It's a pretty good deal, huh?

All you'll need to do is let me know if you think I can improve the admin. Tell me if you wanted more of some content and less of others. Give me a sense of how the pace felt. Easy, innit?

PLEASE let me know ASAP if you'd like to be my Test Driver. One of the four spaces on this course has already been booked - there are only three remaining.

Here are the course details;

Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July

9.30am - 2.30pm


What positive changes will you see after the course?

  • You’ll know the powerful biology of your birthing body – and how you can work with nature for a harmonious birth

  • You’ll understand where the ‘hypno’ bit of Hypnobirthing fits - and you will be able to apply it practically, pragmatically and usefully.

  • You’ll create your own, new framework for birth – based on what ‘Good Birth’ really means, uniquely & specifically to you

  • You’ll learn practical skills & techniques to keep you as comfortable as you can be during your pregnancy, labour & birth – which you can use however your birth plays out.

  • You’ll gain confidence in & techniques for working with midwives & Dr’s - so they get what they need, and you get what you want.

  • You’ll find out about experts, research authors & groups - & you can use all these resources to make informed decisions about your own unique birth experience.

Course content (e.g., what you get)

  • 10 hours of group class time with Charlotte Edun

  • The Calm Birth Method by Suzy Ashworth,

  • 5 x MP3s for you to download

  • 2 x 30min follow-up check-in calls with Charlie to be booked as convenient

Bonus items

  • The Good Birth Practice Goody Bag

  • BONUS VIDEO TUTORIAL – tbc – infant sleep

  • BONUS VIDEO TUTORIAL – tbc – pelvic floor

  • BONUS VIDEO TUTORIAL – tbc – the first weeks of breastfeeding

  • BONUS HEALTH CHECK SHEET – tbc – maternal mental health

What will you actually do in each class?

Saturday 30th June – Building your framework for a Good Birth Experience

  • A whistle-stop tour of the history of Childbirth - What is it about childbirth that’s dangerous? Why the move from home to hospital? When does birth get dangerous?

  • The Power of your Birthing Body - Bio-chemical feedback, hormones, muscles & your cervix.

  • It’s all in the mind – How your sub-conscious works & why it’s relevant to birth. The 3 benefits that hypnosis brings. How this is all surprisingly rational.

  • The First Technique – Calm Breathing

  • Why language matters – how what is said affects what is done

  • The Second Technique – Wave Breathing

  • Why practise matters – we invoke the spirit of our childhood teachers….

  • Why everything you think you know about a birth plan is wrong…..and how to write your birth plan!

  • Why the birth environment is important – feathering your nest

  • Physical preparation – getting up close & personal

Sunday 1st July – Practical Steps to a Good Birth Experience

  • Being Vulnerable – identifying our vulnerabilities & taking steps to protect ourselves

  • Informed decisions – what are they, why are they important, how to make them

  • The role of the birth partner – Defender of the Space

  • The Third Technique(s) – The Oxytocin Generator

  • Using what nature gave you – physiology, gravity, hormones

  • What labour feels like

  • The Fourth Technique – Focus, Focus, Focus

  • Changing plans

  • What happens after you’ve given birth


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