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Relax, Breathe & Birth - new 2hr sessions from The Wise HIppo

Hot off the press!

In July I'll be running the first new single session class from The Wise HIppo. Its called 'Relax, Breathe & Birth' and is suitable for mothers-to-be and their birth partners - whether this is your first pregnancy, second, third or even fourth!

The session is two hours long and teachs you useful relaxation & breathing techniques to use during your pregnancy and labour. There is space for up to 4 couples per session.

The courses cost £25 per couple, and are run on Saturday mornings, from 930-1130, at Alice's Tea Shop, Sevenoaks (if you go on to book onto either a group or private Wise Hippo Birthing Programme course, this will be deductible from the cost of the course).

Come back soon for more information, or email me here for details


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