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The course you’ll love is on its way....


You know that #knowledgeispower (of course) but can you find a course that you're going to feel at home in?

* You want a class that offers you MORE than breathing and optimism.

* You want a class that's HONEST about what influences birth.

* You want a class that EMPOWERS rather than limits with guilt and judgement.

If you're looking for antenatal education that;

* isn't going to ask you be or believe something you're not...

* helps you make plans for a birth that is uniquely right for you...

*t resonates with YOU...

...then keep your eyes on this page, Lady.

Right now, I'm refreshing my existing course content, and finalising plans for a fresh new venue for 2019 Group Hypnobirthing classes. Course dates will be released this week.

* How your body works, and what it's going to do

* Suffering - what is it & how do avoid it

* Looking at REAL birth experiences

* What influences your birth, and how you can control it

* Birth Partners who Partner Birth

* Making a plan that's right for you (and that includes changing plans)

* Coping tools that work

Want to know more? Hit me up by PM or email me at


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