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Let's not beat about the bush.

Pregnancy, birth & motherhood have a pretty bad reputation. A quick Google of 'childbirth' yields some pretty alarming results (we advise you do not do this).


It's hard to find images of birthing women who aren't scared, in pain and out of control. And the stories about 'having to' submit to undignified, unpleasant & invasive interventions? Well, when you're pregnant these are really all too common. 

In fact, it all seems a bit risk / anxiety / fear laden. 

Except. Some some women have a completely different experience? Some women find birth incredible, empowering & awesome! So what do they know that you need to? 

We know birth, though, & it's not that simple. 

We know that Good is about more than drugs & intervention. 

We know that information, inspiration, practicality, honesty & support can literally change your World. 

We know that what makes 'Good' good for you is completely & utterly unique. Because YOU are completely and utterly unique. 

We know that becoming a Mum isn't the same for everyone. So between us we offer you antenatal classes, hypnobirthing, birth- and post-natal doula support and Positive Birth Movement groups in Sevenoaks & Tunbridge Wells. 



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