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Having a baby can feel exciting, terrifying, wonderful, unnerving, empowering, vulnerable and pretty much everything in between. We're here to support you and your partner all the way through pregnancy, birth and the first days and weeks of new parenthood.

121 Hypnobirthing


Warm and mellow classes in the comfort of your own home.

The space and time you want and need to prepare for & meditate on

this most transformative time of your lives.  

3x bespoke 90 minute sessions

The Calm Birth School Book 

5x Calm Birth School MP3's

In-person or via Zoom

The sessions cover all the hypnobirthing basics, but uniquely tailored for you. This includes the physiology of birth, why and how using your breath in labour helps towards a more positive experience, breathing and relaxation techniques, visualisation and affirmations (that work for you), and, of course, how birth partners can be positively involved too).


My particular expertise is in intrapartum decision-making, so we talk a lot about planning and flexibility, what sort of decisions you may need to make, how you can make them confidently, the sorts of contexts and conditions that might influence your decision-making, the practicalities of making-decisions, adapting & contingency planning and the reality that birth isn't always what you think it might be, and can be a really positive, transformative, affirming experience anyway. 

121 Hypnobirthing

Your sessions can be organised around your diary and the timings that best suit you.

Our availability is typically; 

Tuesday | 9.30am - 230pm | 7.30pm onwards

Wednesday | 9.30am - 230pm | 7.30pm onwards

Thursday | 9.30am - 230pm

Course fee is £525

Birth Planning Class

1x bespoke 3hr session

5x Calm Birth School MP3's

In-person or via Zoom

Birth plans have become an essential bit of kit. Academic research tells us that when they work, they contribute to a better experience of birth, are helpful at managing expectations and communicating preferences and can support your relationship with your midwife. We also know, though, from the experiences of friends and relatives (and perhaps our own) that they are not consistently reliable. 

In this session we'll talk about where birth plans came from, the three essential elements of all birth plans, and practical suggestions and advice about what you might want to include in your birth planning, how to think about and prepare for contingencies, ways to communicate your plans and preferences, and the reality of decision-making during your labour and birth

Birth Planning Class

Your sessions can be organised around your diary and the timings that best suit you.

Our availability is typically; 

Tuesday | 9.30am - 230pm | 7.30pm onwards

Wednesday | 9.30am - 230pm | 7.30pm onwards

Thursday | 9.30am - 230pm

Session fee is £175

Birth doula support

Every birth, like every mother (and each of her babies), is completely unique.

What you want and need through your pregnancy, labour and birth is exclusive to you. So we don't try to shoe-horn you into a 'one-size-fits-all' package. What we do always offer is the following;

Two in-person antenatal appointments, so we get to know each other,

your best- and worst-case scenarios, your plans, preferences, and contingencies. 


5x Calm Birth School hypnobirthing MP3s,

and the option to add121 hypnobirthing sessions if you wish. 


A dedicated WhatsApp group for you that we use throughout your pregnancy to

keep in touch, share information and resources. 


We'll be on call for you from 39wks, and from then on available 24hrs a day.

When the time comes, and you invite us into your labour, we'll be with you within 90minutes.

We'll stay with you, supporting you, through your labour, and until you're settled with your new baby.

We'll be available to talk about sleep, feeding and getting to know your new baby during the first days and weeks, and to reassure and refer you to any support you and your baby might need. 

We start with a chat. Get in touch to find out more about us, and tell us more about what you want and need.

Birth Doula Support

Pocket doula

You may feel that you want continuity of care during your pregnancy, and someone you and your partner can call on during labour, but not feel you need a doula present at your birth. We can support you with that too. The Pocket Doula option offers you the same two in-person antenatal sessions, during which we can discuss decision-making, birth planning and your options, preferences and contingency plans (with bolt-on hypnobirthing, if you'd like). I go 'on-call' for you in the same way as I would if I were attending your birth, to keep in touch, discuss any changes or anxieties, sign-post to information and resources, reassure and support (this means I'm available for you from 39-42wks via WhatsApp text and call, 24hrs a day). The difference is that I support you remotely, rather than attending your birth. This is reflected in the difference in the fee of course.

Image by Hello I'm Nik
Pocket Doula

Post-natal doula support

Much of my post-natal support is kitchen based!

Post-natal support looks different to everyone. It can include gentle support as you and your baby settle in to feeding, discussing what 'normal' might look like, and generally supporting you as you all get used to the new shape and size of your family. I do lots of baby wearing and walking, giving you time to sleep, shower, rest, chat, and generally recover and recuperate in the way that feels right for you. I'll support you at home, keeping on top of general domestic tasks, particularly feeding you and filling your freezer (download the Post-Natal Menu below).


(It's important to note that I do not offer childcare for older siblings,

nor do I offer domestic cleaning services). 

Image by Sandie Clarke
Post-natal doula support

Home cooked meals for new families

Eating well is so important when you have a new baby. Healthy, nutritious meals help you recover and make you feel good! Planning, shopping for and preparing meals with a new baby is easier said than done, though, and that's where I come in. Whether you'd like a batch of meals to fill your freezer, or order fresh meals delivered to you, or you'd like me to come and cook in your home, I'll make sure you're well fed, feeling replete and ready for your post-natal recovery. 

If you'd like me to Fill Your Freezer with goodies, download the menu below.

Home cooked meals
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