When you're choosing your doula or hypnobirthing class

it's really important to feel completely comfortable with the person

you're going to be spending so much time with, talking about quite intimate things.

Here's a bit about who we are, how we got here, why we do what we do

and why we work together.

Hello, I'm Laura. I live in Tonbridge, Kent, with my lovely little family.


I spent the first decade of my career working as a TV producer in the UK and Australia, making much loved shows like Grand Designs, Gogglebox, First Dates and One Born Every Minute. 
During my time on One Born, I was lucky enough to spend many hours with women before, during and after their births. Being part of their life-changing experience was an incredible privilege and something I wanted to do more of. Years later, I found out about the role of the doula and there was no looking back.

I trained with the Birth Bliss Academy in 2018 and I'm passionate about helping women to have positive birth experiences and become the mums they want to be. 

I'm a birth and post-natal doula and co-facilitator of the Positive Birth Movement Tunbridge Wells. 


I am passionate, professional, strong and loving birth- & post-natal doula. I don't have an agenda for how you should give birth or parent, I just want you to get the choice and support to be able to do it the way you want.

Why am I a doula? Well, while pregnant and during the forth trimester, it became a daily norm for someone to come and tell me about their birth or breastfeeding story, often emotionally charged and difficult ones. I could hardly believe how women were being treated during birth, and that it was seen as normal and ignored. I started to do my homework and investigate pregnancy and birth in the UK today (as well as globally). It led me to learning about doulas, and how much difference they can make. I had to get involved and try to create positive change.


When allowed to autonomously make decisions about their own bodies and their babies, it has been found that parents make good choices. As a family, or single person bringing a child into the world, you are faced with many decisions to make, often surrounded by medical professionals. I want to support you, with your birth partner if you have one, to be in the best position, ready with all the information you need to make the right decisions for you. 

I'm a birth and post-natal doula, and founder & facilitator of the Kent Doula Collective


Charlotte Edun

Hey. I'm Charlie. These days, I'm Mrs Ray, mother to the 3 Edunistas, tub-thumping feminist, perpetual cook (everyone is always hungry!), news junkie, inveterate self-analyst, puny armed yogi & filler of hours. 

This wasn't always me. In my 20s and 30s I worked in marketing agencies in London and was having a lovely time, thank you, with expense accounts in cocktail bars amidst creativity and massive egos. I always knew I wanted a family, but I was terrified of what motherhood would 'do' to me. Birth seemed too horrendous to contemplate. Being a mother (in that atmosphere) was synonymous with weakness, compromise & sacrifice. These are not things I'm comfortable with. Guess what, though. I did it anyway. And not only did I have 3 awesome, powerful, life-affirming home births, I discovered that Motherhood is a Super-Power we neither recognise nor value. 

So I'm determined to bring that knowledge & confidence to as many women as possible. I trained in counselling & hypnotherapy in 2013, just after giving birth to Thing #2. I qualified as hypnobirthing practitioner with The Wise Hippo BIrthing Programme in 2014. I had Thing #3 in 2015, transitioned to The Calm Birth School in 2017 & qualified as a birth doula with the Birth Bliss Academy in 2018. 

Now, I'm a birth doula, hypnobirthing practitioner, and facilitator of the Positive Birth Movement Sevenoaks.  


Why do we work together?

We work together because although we're quite different, we have the same mission; 

To provide women with the information, inspiration, insight

& support they need to access a Good Birth experience

We don't think the idea of 'not suffering' when you have your baby is a radical idea, really. Actually, we thing every woman deserves to reflect on her birth with pride & positivity. Birth is hard work (however you do it), that doesn't mean you need to suffer indignity, powerlessness or lack of control, though.  

We work together because it means we can support women & families through every stage of their transition to Motherhood (whether you're becoming a mum again or for the first time). From antenatal education, to group & 121 hypnobirthing classes, to doula support, we're here for you. 

Also, we're collaborators! Together we can share our personal & professional development, we can review & reflect on our experiences and we can share access to an absolute GOLD MINE of information about pregnancy, birth, the fourth trimester, motherhood, parenting & generally settling into this family-life lark. 

Would you like to work with us? Find out more about our various packages here, or simply email us to arrange a chat....




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