Post-Natal Doula Support

"Laura helped me feel calmer. She gave me reassurance and some much needed time off. It was so comfortable & easy having her in my home. It was like having a second mum helping me'

Sophie, 3rd time Mum, West Kent

It's not just the baby who's born after birth; the mother is too. We will provide a supportive, nurturing environment to help you explore your mothering instincts and become the mum you'd like to be.


  • What we will support you with depends on your family's needs, but might include: 

  • Help and support with feeding, bath time, nappy changes, calming and soothing

  • Looking after your baby while you have a nap, a soak in the bath, spend time with your older children or take some uninterrupted me time.

  • Light housework, cooking simple meals, shopping, errands or any other chores to help make your day run more smoothly

  • Signposting local groups and service you may benefit from

  • A friendly, non-judgemental ear to help you navigate those early weeks.

  • Looking after older children while you spent time with your baby

  • Supporting you on trips out of the house, especially useful after surgery

  • Debriefing your birth with you if you want someone knowledgeable about births to listen

  • Support at doctors appointments or anywhere else you need to be and would like help

  • …and more, depending on what is right for you and your family


Pop us a line for details of packages, how to book and a free phone consultation beforehand.


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