Private 121 Hypnobirthing

Warm & mellow classes in the comfort of your own home.

Tailored to you, giving you both the space & time you want & need to reflect deeply on this most transformative time of your lives

Price - £550

Pregnancy has become something women do while they're busy doing other things. It can be hard to find the space and time to really focus on and prepare for the immense (and wonderful!) changes that are coming your way.  


Birth marks us indelibly. It’s one of the three distinct moments of womanhood – menarche, maternity, menopause – and you will remember the birth of your children for the rest of your life. Sophie Walker, founder of the Women’s Equality Party, said at Pregnant Then Screwed in January 2019 that ‘Motherhood Radicalises Women’, and this is true. What she meant in that moment was that motherhood inspires in women confidence, boldness & ACTION.


But motherhood marks quieter, more intimate changes too.  Birth can be the first time women come face to face with their fears and triumph. There’s so much going on in birth, how can this not be true? Think about it; pain; fear; sweat; blood; poo; tears; family relationships; fear; ambition; control; love; trust; faith; body image; nuance; power; vulnerability…. It’s all there in spades.

Private hypnobirthing classes give you & your partner the space & time to really investigate all those things, and put in place plans to manage all these changes positively. As one of my Client described it, 'like pre-baby counselling'. 

This is your time to focus on you & your baby, so you can begin your Motherhood confidently & calmly. 



Included in your investment

Classes take place in your home, and can be planned to suit your diary. You may want to do a full day, or maybe 3 sessions. We can make plans & adapt as we go along. 

Tailored hypnobirthing course

2 x 1hr 121 follow-up coaching calls

The Calm Birth School Book

5 x Calm Birth School MP3s

Access to the Good Birth Practice Client Area, packed with refreshers, tips, resources, birth films & BONUS video tutorials including; 

10 Top Preparing for Breastfeeding Tips from Anna Le Grange, the Mindful Breastfeeding Coach

The Truth About Infant Sleep, from Katie Palmer at Infant Sleep Consultants


Your Pelvic Floor - what it is & how to show it some love, from Jo May at Radiant Personal Training

Self Care for Mums, from Silke Thistlewood at Raise Up Mums


Doula Services

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