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Pregnant Belly

Private Antenatal classes

Tailored to you. Warm and mellow classes in the comfort of your own home.

The space and time you want and need to prepare for and meditate on

this most transformative time of your lives.  

Your personalised course

Opting for intimacy. Your personalised course.

You may be feeling particularly anxious about birth.

Maybe you're pregnant again after a previous traumatic experience.

Or perhaps you prefer to prepare for your birth in privacy. 

Our private hypnobirthing course allows you to truly personalise your approach.

When you invest in a private hypnobirthing course you'll discover all the

practical confidence and calm coping skills you expect. We can support you

to take you preparation even further, by focusing on the techniques that matter

most to you and working with you on your birth options. 

Course content

During our time together we'll cover; 

The Physiology of birth

The Hormones of birth


Hypnobirthing & relaxation techniques

Positive (and realistic) affirmations

Choosing where to have your baby

Writing your birth plan

The role of the Birth Partner

Coping with change

The Fourth Trimester

You will receive The Calm Birth Book, 5 x Calm Birth MP3s

and on-going support from us through your pregnancy

Image by Camylla Battani
Dates and price

Your sessions can be organised around your diary and the timings that best suit you.

Our availability is typically; 

Monday | 9.30am - 230pm | 7.30pm onwards

Tuesday | 9.30am - 230pm | 7.30pm onwards

Wednesday | 9.30am - 230pm | 7.30pm onwards

Thursday | 9.30am - 230pm

Friday | 9.30am - 230pm

Your course fee is £475

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