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1 Day. 5 Workshops. 24 Mums-to-be. 1 Completely Confident You.

One of the things that I find kind of frustrating about the way the antenatal education is delivered, is that it's so often binary. Women are told there's 'Right' way to do things, and they 'should' or 'shouldn't' prepare in this way or that way. Actually, if there was one way to do it, we'd all be doing it, and we'd all be happy, right? The truth is that the most vaulable skills you can tuck under your belt when you're preparing for parenthood are ones you probably have in abundance; absorb information, interpret it, adapt it to your particular situation, know when to ask for support and be resilient. Most women, by the time they get round to having children, have these skills in abundance. What they really need is sound, evidence-based information they can use to create a comfortable, secure, healthy & happy world around them and their family. And that's why I love working with Silke Thistlewood (Nourish to Thrive), Katie Palmer (Infant Sleep Consultants), Anna Le Grange (The Mindful Breastfeeding School) and Gemma Pilkington (GP Physiotherapy) - and why together we have created this One Day Workshop on Thursday 6th December. I know from experience how overwhelming it can be when you're pregnant. In 40 short weeks (actually, usually somewhat less), you have to learn whole new vocabularies, practical skills and principles - and I found it completely intimidating. From dark warnings not to make a rod for my own back with sleep, to friends who LOVED Gina Ford, to friends who HATED her, AND the 'mainstream' NHS advice....I was drowning in it. And so that's why I wanted to give women a space to access straight-forward, no-nonsense, non-judgemental, evidence-based practitioners in the areas I know women worry about most;

  • Birth

  • Infant sleep

  • Infant feeding

  • Birth and your bits

  • Realistic self-care

Come along, and you'll attend a small Workshop with each of these women - groups are limited to just 12 women, giving you the chance to really discuss the issues, and ask all the questions you might have up your sleeve. There'll be practical information as well as discussion, and we've created Worksheets for you to take away with you, with all the information you've covered on the day, so you won't need to take furious notes, or risk missing out on anything. I've booked us two rooms in the utterly gorgeous St. Julian's, Sevenoaks - there are fantastic views across the Weald, walks in pretty gardens, and art on the walls. You're invited to join us for a light lunch, and a BONUS post-lunch Workshop to overcome the dreaded post-lunch droop... My friends at Jojo Maman Bebe, Cook, Tiny Chipmunk, Bloom & Blossom, Lansinoh, Vitabiotics Pregnacare and more have given us some really corking gifts to go in your goody bags too. Standard tickets are £85 - but you can take advantage of EARLY BIRD tickets at just £75, by clicking here. And want to bring your partner along? They can join us for just £45. I am REALLY excited by this one day Workshop - and if you've spent any time following Silke, Katie, Anna or Gemma (or me!), you will be too. Very much looking forward to seeing you there!


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