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Clarity in the chaos of soft play

After a fast-paced, fun-packed INSPIRING week with @kickihansard, my grand plan this morning was to hurl the kids into soft play and WRITE.

I’ve always had a lot to say (ahem), and this week with @kickihansard, @hopefaithloveliving and 9 other sparky, motivated, empathetic women distilled a lot for me. Don’t get me wrong - it’s not new news (either for me, or anyone else). More of a clearing of the water.

As a starter for 10; physiological birth. I’ve been talking to women about this for at least 5yrs.....but why does it even have a name?! Who takes a physiological shit? Or a physiological breath? Or goes for a physiological walk. When we need help with those things we are super grateful for knowledgeable, experienced, considered medics (some of my best friends are medics 😉). But we know that most shits just require some peace, quiet & time (I speak as a mother of 3 - trust me, I know the effect of unwelcome noise and harassment to your most basic of bodily functions).

Is a physiological birth the be all and end all? Nope. Will it be ‘The’ thing that determines your motherhood? Nope. But most women are reassured to discover such a thing actually exists. (How frustrating that it remains something of an open secret). And they feel this gives them some control, rather than feeling powerless and at the mercy of the process and the people attending. And most empowering of all, knowing this and understanding the mechanics of it, helps them to create their own Good Birth. To understand when they do and do not need assistance - from partners as well as professionals. To grasp what makes them vulnerable and what’s makes them strong. And to ACT on it. That, my friends, is feminism.


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