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Hot Cross Bum & Butter Pudding

Phwoar. Look at that lovey hot, fluffy, hearty, sweet, warming, comfort pud!

I'm not sure that this blog post is technically to do with labour and birth, but it does very much fall into the 'nurturing' category - and it's flippin' tasty, so how could I not share?

It's as simple as a simple thing. Here goes;


4-6 x slightly stale hot cross buns (or 'Hot Cross Bums' in our house)

500ml x full fat milk

3 x eggs

3 x tblspns x caster sugar

Butter to grease

Demerara sugar to sprinkle over the top


1; Pre-heat your oven to 180C. Get an ovenproof dish that your buns fit comfortably in when on their sides, and grease liberally with the butter

2; Break the eggs into a bowl and whisk until thoroughly beaten. Add the sugar and milk and mix well.

3; Slice your hot cross buns vertically, into slices about 5mms thick, and lie them almost vertically in the dish

4; Give the egg-milk-sugar mix another stir (as the sugar will drop to the bottom of the liquid while it's sitting waiting for you to slice the buns, and you want it well distributed through the pudding) and pour all over the buns

5; Sprinkle some demerara sugar over the top and bake for about 25mins, until it's set around the edges but still a bit wobbly in the middle

6; Leave to stand and cool slightly while you heat some custard

7; Eat (ideally on the sofa, once the kids are in bed, watching something absorbing on the tv).


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