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Positive Birth Movement Sevenoaks | Our next meeting date

📣 Listen up, Lovelies! The Positive Birth Movement Sevenoaks is meeting this coming Friday 17th May. If you'd like to come along, meet some new mama's, have a chat about pregnancy, birth, babies, being a mum (or not being you....or being something new, completely in between...) then this is the space for you.

DATE | This coming Friday 17th May 2019 TIME | 1030am - noon (ish... come along when you can) VENUE | My House (email me for details)

There's going to be cake, tea, coffee and chat. This months topic is THE FOURTH TRIMESTER.... which I think will be perfect timing for at least a few of you!

If you'd like to come, but don't yet have my address just PM me for details or if you've got any Qs just drop me an email at


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