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Want to take your first hypnobirthing class for FREE? Read on...

OK, so as if pregnancy isn't full enough of new information & ideas, my guess is you're also wondering about whether a Hypnobirthing course is actually right for you. I get that. If you're anything like I was you'll be thinking;

  • There are a lot of things to spend money on, and a hypnobirthing course looks expensive

  • Is it a bit weird and left-field?

  • If hypnobirthing works, why isn't everyone doing it & having a marvellous time?

  • Honestly, isn't a Good Birth as much down to luck as preparation?

  • How do I know that my hypnobirthing practitioner is credible?

  • It could be a load of snake oil and hope.

  • What if it's just a load of old bobbins?

  • How do I know what will be included in the course...and whether it will be of any use to me at all?

  • Am I even the right type of person for all this? Maybe I'm too rational, too pragmatic....and want information that's evidence based!

  • I'm not sure my partner will be on board with all this

  • (....let alone my family, friends & colleagues. Will they think I'm naive?)

  • I've heard that it can't guarantee a straightforward, easy birth

  • I'm not sure I've got the temperament for this. I'm actually not someone who meditates

  • What's the point of it all? How will it make an actual difference to my pregnancy & birth?

Want some good news? All your questions are perfectly valid and practical.

Want some better news? I'm offering you the chance to take your first Hypnobirthing class for FREE.

Mmm hmm. Actual FREENESS, with no strings attached.

It's kind of a WIN-WIN-WIN to be honest. I offer the most comprehensive Guide to Good Birth around, which means I actually don't have time in my classes to cover the basics. So by offering this first class for FREE;

YOU GET - your first class for FREE

I GET - an extra 40 minutes time in class to cover other important topics

I ALSO GET - the chance to spread the word about why EVERY WOMAN should have the chance to commit the time, space & information she needs to prepare for a Good Birth experience.


  • Why do we have such low expectations of birth?

  • What is a Good Birth anyway?....and what's a Bad one?

  • The hypno bit - what is it, and how does it help?

  • How hypnobirthing helps you gain Confidence, Choice & Comfort for your birth.

  • Q&A

No selling. No need to. This is the actual content I used to start each & every one of my hypnobirthing classes with. The thing is, I'd rather spend my class time with you discussing other, more complex issues.

By the end of this first class you will understand exactly what I mean by a Good Birth, and exactly why Hypnobirthing techniques + my experience & guidance will help you get that (however your birth actually happens). You'll also get the measure of me - which is really important! If you're going to invest your time, effort & money with me, you want to be really sure we're going to get on.

Want in? Of COURSE you do!

Clickety click here to register your place on this FREE webinar

Charlotte Edun is a doula, hypnobirthing practitioner & Positive Birth Movement facilitator running classes, courses & workshops in Sevenoaks & West Kent. If you'd like information about the April 2019 Group Hypnobirthing course, click here


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