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Well, hello! I'm back, back, back. Here's what I've been up to and what's to come.

QUEEN! Birth coaching for the enthusiastic explorer. Surprise surprise, everything you need to know about having a Good Birth is in every experience you've already had

Hi Everyone. I've been away for a while (builders; getting married; new babies), and I lost my way for a while there. Last September, the date I'd set for myself to return to some 'serious' work, I set myself up as a freelance marketing consultant. I've been working in marketing agencies since my mid-20's, so it seemed the sensible thing to do. Except....that I spoke to people far more about birth coaching than I did about marketing! Like, A LOT MORE. I kept hearing from people that my energy 'spiked' when I talk about this lark, and, by the New Year, I decided that the honest thing to do is to return to The Good Birth Practice.

I've got plans a-plenty fizzing about in my brain. Phase #1 = get a regularly pregnancy chat + relaxation class up and running (ideally to start at the beginning of Feb). Phase #2 = a group class to start towards the end of February (I've been checking out venues this weekend). Right now, I'm getting my Facebook page & website sorted, and starting a Facebook group (feel free to tell me if there are any particular topics you'd like me to address ASAP).

My proudest moment this month? I wrote this bad boy. It felt slightly exposing, particularly as I posted it on a business platform, but it's really what I see; in my life, the lives of my friends and my clients. I really don't think we have the appropriate level of respect for women's bodies, and the nurturing experience (there's far more to say about the Care Economy - but that's for a different day!). I genuinely do think this is a large chunk of the reason women are unduly apprehensive about their birth. When you've spent so much of your life 'politely tucking away' the character & lived reality of your woman-ness, it's hard to embrace it when you get pregnant and experience the full, awe-inspiring, whole-body, messy, funny, powerful, intimate, up-lifting, emotionally high, emotionally low kit and caboodle. I think we do women a disservice by setting them up for discomfort, unpleasantness and lack of engagement in their care during pregnancy, labour and birth, when in fact there is so much to be gained from it.

So there it is. I'm 100% back! I'm very excited, and really looking forward to spreading confidence. Please subscribe to my emails to find out more about new classes, courses and content. Hit me up with your questions and ideas.

See you soon, Lady!

Charlie x


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