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87% Birth

It's been a long old while since I sent a newsletter.

With a busy start to 2019, a new Group class running at Fisical, the swish new yoga studio in Sevenoaks, Positive Birth Movement meetings, and the really inspiring Let's Talk Birth conference. I've completely neglected to send any at all.

Here's my plan

I've been thinking about My Purpose a lot recently. In part, of course, it's giving women the resources, information & inspiration they need to empower themselves

& create a Good Birth. 

It's more than that though. 7 years after I qualified I'm still having the same conversations about whether women 'should' or 'should not' bother to write birth plans. It's baffling to me that while so many women have babies, the conversation about birth remains so limited & so staid. In fact, I'm politely outraged about it. 

So I'm clear that part of my work should have a direct effect on you. I want to give women the time & space they need to identify what's practical, rational, personal, emotional, important & nice to have. 

The other part though, should, I think, be about changing the narrative around birth.

So, from April I'll be sending a regular email called '87% Birth'.

It'll come every 2-3 weeks, and I'd like to send one to you too. 

It's about the things that REALLY influence birth & parenthood

Too often the conversation about birth is skewed.

It means we ask the wrong questions about birth, so women are poorly prepared. We're still spending our pregnancies feeling apprehensive about what's to come, worrying about loss of control, loss of dignity, lack of care.

Birth preparation remains on the fringe, beyond the norm.

Despite 87% of women becoming mothers by the time they're 45 (yes, you have heard me say that before, and yes it remains one of my fave stats), birth planning is still perceived to be too expensive, too left field, too much of a triumph of optimism over expectation. 

I promise I won't bombard you.

I promise they'll be thought provoking.

I promise there will be interesting links, resources & articles to inspire you

to make your motherhood your own. 

So, if you'd like to remain on the list, please share your email address, & you'll hear from me again in a couple of weeks.

Until then, I hope you're all well, and look forward to catching up with some of you soon! 

Best wishes


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