Are you a midwife with 10+ years experience under your belt?
Will you talk to me about birth plans to inform an academic study?

My name is Charlie. I am writing an MA at the Centre for Women's Studies, the University of York. I would like to speak to midwives based in the community (and supporting home births), based in a birth centre and hospital maternity units to hear their views on birth plans.

What is the purpose of the study? The purpose of the study is to gain a deeper understanding of why pregnant women write birth plans, and how they wish them to be used during late pregnancy, labour and birth. These improvements have the potential to improve birth outcomes for individual women and maintain and protect the health of new mothers and their children more generally.

Why is the study being done? The writing of birth plans is encouraged in the UK, with the intention of facilitating informed choice and engaging women in shared decision making. However mothers, midwives and medics commonly recognise that the birth experience may not resemble the preferences outlined in the birth plan.

This study aims to understand what expectations women have from their maternity care, to def