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...and HERE's why this Workshop is Worth It!

Birth & the Fourth Trimester Workshop December 2018

So! I'm madly excited right now, because after some furious Wix-work, the December Birth & the Fourth Trimester are now on sale! Whoop! I've been quietly planning this for quite some time now, so I really am very excited.

I wanted to explain why I'm so excited about this Workshop, and why I think it's really & truly something marvellous.

I've got a slightly bee in my bonnet about how it is that conversations about birth are so polarised. There tendency to sort women into boxes, and a patronising tendency to tell women what the 'Right' or 'Wrong' thing to do is. Which is all total balls, of course, because each individual woman's experience of pregnancy, birth, mothering is always uniquely influenced by this complex Venn-style network of influences - from their body to their mindset, from their relationship with their partner, to their relationship with their midwife(s), via parents, culture, the institution of the NHS, who's on shift at any given time, the weather....I could go on. I kind of got on my soap-box about it earlier this week.

Anyhoo. When I was pregnant I found that pigeon-holing really hard to cope with, not least because my sense even then was it couldn't be as simple as 'Do This And It Will All Be OK'. As my sister says, if there was a 'Right' way to do it, we'd all be doing it we'd all be happy, right?

Which is why I have so much respect for the practitioners I've partnered with for this Workshop. To a Women, they're all about giving women the tools they need to empower themselves, and make the uniquely appropriate decisions that suit their baby, their family and themselves. Simply telling women that 'breastfeeding is best', or that co-sleeping is dangerous, or that it's best for your child to be completely available, or that you shouldn't accept an's all to simplistic, and doesn't take into account the endless variables to affect all of us.

So this Workshop is designed to do exactly that. It's about giving women sound, evidence-based information, resources and support to make the decisions that are right for them. It's about reassuring women that once you've made a choice you don't have to stick to it forever - parenting is endlessly variable. It's about discussing adaptability and resilience, and helping women find their baseline and their boundaries, so that they can be adaptable and resilient when they need to be.

So. If you're pregnant, and you're already feeling the pressure of other people's opinions, and you want to find out for yourself about these 5 issues which worry Mums-to-be so much, please clickety click through, ready all about it, and if you want to come along, take advantage of the Early Bird tickets and bag yourself a spot sharpish!


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