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At last! An academic foundation for the '3 (or 5) second rule'!

Courtesy of Le Leche League Canada this is a 5 minute read, and many of you probably already subscribe to this view.

But if you haven't even got 5 mins, here's a summary;

- Joseph Lam, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Guelph, explains that many people “are almost paranoid about germs – especially parents with a new baby.

- he reminds us that not all bacteria are bad - and that in fact good bacteria are necessary in keeping our immune systems robust and active - he warns that by being hyper-clean we diminish our immune systems ability to function effectively against infection & disease when we really do need it to - and finally, another reminder that breast milk is chock full of essential antibodies, as ever nature has provided us with an excellent way of protecting our off-spring (so we can probably do away with the antibacterial handwipes....)


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