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Early Bird Offer for October & November Capsule Course

Full of inspiration after 4 days training with the utterly marvellous (down-to-earth, practical, experienced & wise) Kicki Hansard, I am RARING to go with loads of brand new content for the Hypnobirthing CAPSULE COURSE.

So you're pregnant.

You've heard a lot about how hard birth is, and how it can 'go wrong'.

You're increasingly familiar with words like 'episiotomy', 'epidural', 'ventouse', 'forceps'.

None of these seem like positive additions to your vocabulary.

You've got an idea of what a birth looks like (sweaty, out of control & overwhelmed - and that's just your partner).

You're looking around right now for the 'least worst' option...and want to do all you can to prepare for a Good Birth Experience. This is the course for you.

Run in small friendly groups of 3-5 couples, this is all about a practical, straightforward, no-holds-barred approach. No question is too silly. No anxiety is undermined. No language is off-limits. You get the reassurance of group support to boot.

  • PRACTICAL information about your pregnant body

  • The ACTUAL positive physiological effects of relaxation

  • OPTIMISING your birth

  • Making your OWN risk/benefit analyses

  • Tiredness, pain relief & intervention

  • Resilience

This new course will include LOADS of new content, learning materials & takeaways - inspired by 4 days with Kicki Hansard her coven of wise & wonderful women.

If - pregnant or not - your diary is busy, Busy, BUSY, I hear you, and I've designed the The Capsule Course just for you;

  • Complete hypnobirthing course delivered in TWO days

  • A whole WEALTH of positive birth resources accessible through the Client Area, whenever you want or need it

  • 2 x 45min follow-up calls with me giving you the opportunity to discuss your practice, observations and personal experience

OCTOBER CAPSULE COURSE Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th October 9.30am - 2.30pm Tonbridge

NOVEMBER CAPSULE COURSE Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th November 9.30am - 2.30pm Tonbridge

Places on the Capsule Course are usually £275 - You can claim your Early Bird Spot on EITHER course for just £233....until Tuesday 2nd October 2018


To book, just PM me here, or email me at


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