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Economics & women - a slightly tangential reflection of structural bias against mothers.

Remember my lunch with my friend a couple of weeks ago. She said something I've been thinking for a while, quite perfectly; 'I didn't see the need to be a feminist until I had children'?

My theory of structural bias against mothers is pretty straightforward too;

  • Mothers are offered a place at a table that does not accommodate them;

  • While only recognised as valuable when they make a direct fiscal contribution to the economy;

  • AND simultaneously expected to nurture their children with focused attention

Well, this 15 minute programme, broadcast on Radio 4 on Tuesday 15th May 2018, is well worth a listen.

It's not a direct reflection of structural bias against motherhood. However, there's enough here about the role of economics, and the implications of your sex to be relevant & interesting.

If you have a career. If you are pregnant. If you already have children. If you are wondering how on earth to balance the lot of it. If you can't see a role-model that reflects how you want your life to work....I'm afraid this doesn't provide any answers, but it DOES give the context for whole carbuncle.

An informed perspective on how the economics in the 20th c. developed in a way which excludes women from the mainstream. The programme also touches on the place of home economics (and relative (de)valuation of it), discrimination, the recognition (or lack thereof) of gender issues, and how the improvements in prestige of women

There are two other programmes in the series that you might wanna download and listen to later too....


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