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Knowledge is what do you know about your hormones?

We all pretty much subscribe to the view that the more you know, the better able you are to make the decisions that are uniquely right for you.

And there's a reason for that. When we make decisions we don't all weigh the same considerations. Here's an example; for some people, being at home feels to be the most safe & secure place imaginable. For others. home is good when it's sofa surfing _ pizza....but when there's a baby on the way, well, it's got to be hospital.

Either way, there are hormones involved in your decision,

Hormones are the most important drivers of your labour & birth. So you'd better know which hormones are involved, and how you can help your body bathe in them!

That's why this workshop is so handy. In just an hour, you can discover which hormones are affecting you during the final weeks of pregnancy, in labour, birth & during the fourth trimester. You'll leave the workshop clutching your Handy Hormone Handout, and feeling more confident & prepared than ever.

Even better than that, there's a deal (well, of course there is!). Book onto the course before 9am Monday 16th April 2018, and you can take advantage of the Early Bird offer (meaning tickets will be £6 each, rather than the standard £10 fee). ....but that's not all! If you then go on to book either a group or private hypnobirthing course with me I'll not only refund the price of the your workshop ticket, I'll also offer you a 10% discount.

What could be more perfect! Check out the FB event page here, and get in touch to book your spot!


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