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Maternity discrimination in the workplace


3/4 of all pregnant women & new mothers in the UK will face some form of discrimination in the workplace.

This is an excellent listen from Woman's Hour this morning, citing research from Vera Troeger, Professor of Economics from Warwick University, and Roslind Bragg, Director of Maternity UK.

Prof. Troeger's key finding? When employers offer a generous contractual maternity pay package women are more likely to return to work and rise through the ranks. As well as being a symbolic gesture of support & respect, it allows women to return to work when they are well, their children are settled and family responsibilities have been organised.

Here's the clickety link (completely inappropriate image displayed). Scroll down to chose the 10'35" section on maternity pay

Here also is the link to Maternity Action. There's a podcast here which introduces you to your rights while pregnant at work.(bottom right of the home page)


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