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NEW topic for the FREE August Workshop

This next FREE Workshop was supposed to be about positive birth books, and the titles you might be interested to read. BUT, over the last 3 weeks the question of whether home birth is a realistic option has come up more times than usual. It feels right to respond to that question, and alter the topic of this Workshop. So here it is;

  • Did your GP ask you which hospital you'd like to give birth in?

  • Do you assume you'll have your baby in hospital because, well, it's the 'normal', safe thing to do, isn't it?

  • Does the thought of a hospital make you feel just a little bit uneasy?

  • Maybe you quietly like the idea of birth at home, tucked away in your nest?

  • Want to make an *active*, informed decision about where you give birth?

  • Want to find out about your birth options, and how home birth fits? Yes to some or all of the above? Then this is the workshop for you! This Workshop is NOT a campaign for home birth. It WON't persuade you that one type of birth is better than another. There's NO SUGGESTION of a 'right' way to 'do' birth. There's no party political, birth wars, binary, 'do it like this', finger wagging. The purpose of the Workshop is to help you begin to investigate ALL the realistic options. To set you on the path to your OWN empowerment, so you can make your OWN INFORMED choices, in CALM, CONFIDENCE & OPTIMISM. Packed full of information, resources and inspiration, you'll leave the Workshop understanding the why it's important to actively choose the right birth environment for you. We'll talk about how it's a completely unique decision for every couple, and what information you need to make your own choice. Over the course of 90 minutes we'll cover; 1) Why *where* you birth is so important 2) Why the decision is different & unique for *every* woman 3) Spot the difference; hospital, birth centre, home 4) What you need to know about home birth, including; who will be there? Will it be messy? What happens if I want to transfer? What happens if something goes wrong? You might wonder why there's a focus on home birth at the end? It's simply because Spaces are free, but limited. To reserve your place, clickety click here


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