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Positive Birth Movement Sevenoaks

Hi. My name is Charlie and I facilitate The Positive Birth Movement Sevenoaks group. 

We meet monthly. We talk about pregnancy, birth, motherhood, options, informed choice, practicalities, concepts, experiences, opinions & uncertainties. There’s no judgement here - doesn’t matter if you’re a home birther or planning a Caesarian birth, if you’d like to rock up and book your epidural, or if you’re preparing your tool box of alternative comfort measures. You can say contraction, pain and fear. You can also say you had a Good Birth. You can breastfeed until you & your babe move on - or you can manage the whole feeding lark to suit you. You can eat cake. You can drink tea or coffee. You can talk, or can sit in peace and enjoy the conversation around you. You can bring your babes or come alone. Sometimes we stick to topic. Sometimes (always) we cover lots of other ground too. 

Why do we it? To offer support to each other and ourselves. To share positive stories and provide balance to the fear/risk/judgement that usually accompanies birth. To present a model of mothering that is ‘normal’ - which means it represents a broad scope of experience and attitudes. Mothering is not one size fits all - and neither are these meetings. 

I’m all about the light and shade. Ebb and flow. Ups and downs. Motherhood is presented in polar tropes of bliss out perfection or freaked out chaos and suffering. We all know that ain’t true, right? For most of us, it’s different every day. Some days we’re our best selves, bringing our A Game. Others it’s a miracle anyone survived. And yet more are mundane.... so we’re here, every month in person, and every day on Insta & FB, when you need us. 

Come along. 

Help me spread the word. 

Join us. 

Meeting dates for 2018 are in the pics - PM me for venue details.


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