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Reassurance that ALL types of birth can be GOOD

 I’m feeling #totesemosh

This morning I had the privilege of being present at a calm and beautiful caesarean birth. This lovely couple have really worked through what was best for them and their family. And they’ve prepared carefully. And it was beautiful! 

I just want to reassure you again that ALL types of birth can be GOOD. I know it’s open season on which option is ‘best’ - and opinions get heated & easily expressed. But you know what? What’s best is unique and individual. What matters is that you feel calm and trust the people around you. That you understand your options and feel confident about them, and being able to adapt if you need to. I know it feels overwhelming, and I know it can feel scary - being out of control can make your feel very vulnerable, and who wants that on THIS day, one you’ll remember for the rest of your life? 

BUT! The good news is that it IS navigable. Find someone you trust, who speaks your language, and talk! Knowledge is power, don’t forget, and that’s as true in birth as it is in everything else you do. 


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