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SALE!!! Grab your discounted spot on the September CAPSULE COURSE Group Hypnobirthing by Sunday 2nd

SALE!! CAPSULE COURSE The Capsule Course Group Hypnobirthing - 15th & 16th September 2018



You've heard a lot about how hard birth is, and how it can 'go wrong'.

You're increasingly familiar with words like 'episiotomy', 'epidural', 'ventouse', 'forceps'. None of these seem like positive additions to your vocabulary.

You've got an idea of what a birth looks like (sweaty, out of control & overwhelmed - and that's just your partner).

You're looking around right now for the 'least worst' option...

Which means you're also heard - quietly, like a secret - that there are Good Births too.

Well of course we'd all like a Good Birth, wouldn't we?

But is it too good to be true? How is it that so many women have a crappy experience, if it's possible to actually enjoy it? Will you have to sacrifice too much of your 'normal' self to get there? Will it be all candles and sandals? Will you have to visualise your cervix like an opening lotus flower...?

​It's ok, Lady. Good Birth isn't about hope and good fortune.

It's not even about pain relief and intervention.

It's about knowledge, control & awareness.

THE CAPSULE COURSE GROUP HYPNOBIRTHING I know from experience that even pregnancy can't slow down most women. Which means finding the time to attend antenatal classes can be a problem. The new format group hypnobirthing Capsule Course overcomes that by packing everything you need to know into a single weekend.

Run in friendly groups of 3-5 couples, the Capsule Course is all about bouncing ideas, expectations, observations & the down-right comical aspects of pregnancy & birth off the wall.

Taking a straightforward, practical no-holds-barred approach you'll find that no question is too silly, no anxiety is undermined and no language is off limits. And you get the reassurance of group support and consideration.

​The Capsule Course Group Hypnobirthing is usually £350 - BOOK BEFORE SUNDAY 2nd


What do you get in return from your investment? On top of the 8-10 hours of class time we'll spend together, we'll also have 2 x 40 minute check in calls leading up to the birth of your baby, which we can book towards the end of our class time together. Of course you also have access to the Client Area here, and all the other brilliant resources that come from me & The Calm Birth School.

Want in? Email me at before the end of Sunday 2nd September 2018 to book your spot!

Hope to see you then x


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