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#Sundaysanctuary - affirmations

I'm never afraid to say that I schedule these during the week (it's Thursday morning right now) because I try - and least once a week! - to practice what I preach and FOCUS on CALM. This week, I'm musing on affirmations.

At Wednesday night's refresher class we talked about this. Some people find them a bit of a stretch. Others find them boring. They can be really good at helping you stay focused, though.

So. The trick is not to over promise. Don't set yourself affirmations that you can't control, or that you don't believe in. Here are 5 tips for making the work for you;

1) Write your own. Take inspiration from other peoples, but really make YOUR affirmations about YOU

2) Make them achievable. Think about the new framework you're creating for you birth, and focus on that. So rather than focusing on how your body will operate in labour, focus on your mind; 'I am learning how to draw my focus onto my body' or 'Knowledge about my body builds trust and confidence in my mind'

3) Make them easy to do. Schedule them into your phone, or pin them to the bathroom mirror

4) Get your partner involved. It's helps you focus on a shared expectation of what you want from this, and BOND!

5) Have a sense of humour! This is supposed to be fun!


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