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Well. The March Group Hypnobirthing course was rather marvellous!

I've rolled into this week still buzzing from Sunday's Group course! A MASSIVE thank you to all 6 of you for making it such an interesting, active, chatty day.

It was the first time I've run the course at Ashlyn's new yoga studio, Fisical, and honestly? It was fab!

930am - 5pm is always going to be a LONG day, and we pack LOTS of content in, so the space is really important. Fisical ticks the boxes - it's warm, it's light, it's airy, there's plenty of space to move around in, mums-to-be can sit in chairs, on yoga mats, supported by blocks or soft bolsters. It's all here.

Check out the BEFORE & AFTER pics!!

This is how we rolled >>>>>

  • First up, we split into Mums & Dads Teams to test PRACTICAL knowledge. What happens & how? Do these new words always mean what you think? Is what we think we know entirely accurate? Where might it get hairy? As always, I banged on about how off-kilter our dialogue around birth is, and how important it is to be HONEST about birth.

  • CONTEXT IS KING! We talked about past experiences, about how birth is represented in culture & the arts, and how that can affect us. We talked about the influence of family & friends, and what that can mean when we're setting our own expectations.

  • We talked about what CHOICE means, and what making INFORMED choice really means.

  • We looked at writing birth plans that REALLY work. How to structure them. What you need to think about. Maybe most importantly, how RIGIDLY STICKING TO YOUR PRINCIPLES MAY NOT BE HELPFUL

  • We talked about DADs, how important they are to the process, how bold they might need to be, and where they too might be able to get support.

  • Last but not least, we did some breathing cycles and talked about how important emotional control is - not only in labour, but in parenting too.

The next workshop is Your Birth Nest - Hypnobirthing Workshop on Wednesday 20th March (730-9pm), and is just £10 per ticket (with all profits going to Birth Companions)

The The 'P' word; pain and labour - Hypnobirthing Workshop , on Wednesday 10th April (730-9pm), £10 per tickets (all profits going to Birth Companions)

The April One Day Group Hypnobirthing Course takes place on Sunday 14th April.

AND! I have availability for 121 Private hypnobirthing & birth doula clients too!

Clickety click through for more info, or email me at to arrange a FREE call.

Looking forward to hearing from you x


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