What I think about birth should have NO effect on you at all!

Oh it never ends! This constant straining to find the definitive 'Answer' to birth, and take comprehensive rubbish anyone who suggests otherwise. 

This week we've been graced by an article in the Daily Mail, written by Esther Rantzen's daughter Rebecca Wilcox. She writes about how the myth of 'natural' childbirth caused her irreparable damage, and manages to stick the boot into the NCT (the UK's largest charity for parents) while she's at it.  

You also won't be surprised to know that I think Rebecca Wilcox is damaging to women, although you may be surprised by why. 

There IS no answer to what makes birth Good. 'Good' means completely different things to different people (in the same way that I'm prepared to bet that we all managed to get pregnant in slightly different ways). We already know this is true. If there was a 'Right' way to do birth, we'd all be doing it, and we'd all be complete & happy. This is patent rubbish. 

The problem with women like Rebecca Wilcox and others who determinedly fixate on how Other Women are Wrong, is that they lead us up quite a completely pointless garden path. While she uses her voice to heap scorn on the NCT and negate other women's experiences, she's missing the point;