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What this moustachio'ed old funkster has to do with your birth....

Giorgio Moroder standing between Daft Punk

Remember *before* you were pregnant, and Friday night was all about the dancing? Yeah, me too. I'm pretty limited to rocking out to banging tunes in the car these days (the kids aren't quite old enough to ridicule me into silence. Yet).

This chap is Giorgio Moroder. Four time Grammy Award winner. Father of Disco. Collaborator with the Dynamic Duo of epic Gallic dance music, Daft Punk.

And this tune is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES.

Not only is a homage to Giorgio Moroder, it's an absolutely-impossible-to-ignore, bust-out-your-best-moves, killer of a track.

If you haven't heard it you really, really, really should listen to it. Loudly. And maybe repeatedly. I did on our recent trip down through France. And theorised that this is a really rather good allegory for birth. Bear with me while I explain...

  • It starts with some reflective chat. Thinking back through feelings & emotions. Much like the heavy hormone load you get in those last few days & hours while labour is revving up, before you may even be aware of it

  • There's some noodling about early on. It seems kind of jaunty, and fun & is spiked with nervy, giggly anticipation

  • There are repetitive waves throughout, that you can kind of surf & rely on.....only they get stronger, and harder and you get totally swept up in them. At some point, those waves are all you can think about, and they sort of *become* you

  • There comes a point when you lose your way. It's disorientating. You can't tell where you are in the tune, or how you got from Giorgio Moroder reminiscing about 1970s German nightclubs, to this epic, sweeping tide of visceral *feeling*

  • Just when you feel you might not be able to take any more, when it all might be a bit too much, too heavy, too overwhelming, comes an incredible, thumping crescendo....

  • ...and then, suddenly, peace & calm.

I'm not wrong, am I?!

And helpfully, gravity and a good hip shimmy is an excellent way to power up & power through your labour. To surf your birth.

Please tell me someone here knows Daft Punk, and can arrange for me to share my insight in person....!


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