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You're not pregnant anymore! What Motherhood means in the first hours, days & weeks....

One of the loveliest things about my work is that I regularly meet women who are making things happen. And so it is with the lovely Emma at Mama + Max .

We've both had similarly positive experiences of birth - although we were both a bit dazed by the first blush of motherhood. With so much focus on the birth itself, it's easy to be surprised that early motherhood itself can be pretty intense. There's the physical stuff, of course (and you can read all about that on NHS & NCT websites), all of which are a sort of mother-side secret that only becomes known & talked about once you're in the thick of it (not on my courses, obvs - we talk about it ALL!). I think for me it was more about how wildly the World had changed. It's partially hormones & sleep deprivation, naturally. It's also about responsibility for another human, though. And the changes in your relationships with other people. And the change of pace of life (which simultaneously slows down to a snails pace, and races by at a rate of knots).

Emma asked me to write about what you can expect from the first few hours, days & weeks of Motherhood, so clickety click here for my Top 10...

Charlotte Edun is a doula, hypnobirthing practitioner & Positive Birth Movement facilitator. To find out more about monthly Group Hypnobirthing classes, private courses and birth doula services, clickety click here. The next Group Hypnobirthing class takes place on Sunday 14th April 2019


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