A Doula's Guide for Dads

Doula's Guide for Dad's - The Good Birth Practice Hypnobirthing & birth doula services
Being a dad is no mean feat - and the first hurdle is birth


Being a Dad is no mean feat, and the first hurdle is birth. It's a big deal, and there's not a lot of honest information available to help partners prepare.

Birth matters, because it marks both parents. It's a gift to remember the birth of your baby with love, awe and pride (and too many parents feel traumatised by birth).

So my Father's Day gift to you is my Top 5 Tips. The only things you need when you're supporting your birthing partner;


Pack 4 flannels in your birth bag. Women get HOT in labour, so 2 flannels cooling in a sink of cold water, while you apply 2 more to her neck & forehead means you'll always be able to help her stay cool


Birth can be unpredictable, and couples worry about how to make the 'Right' decision. If you've done any hypnobirthing you'll know about BRAINS - a process that helps you make calm & rational decisions. There's more to it than that, though. We're quite used to seeing representations of birthing women being told what to do, so it can be hard to expect anything different. What you're looking for, though, (and what you have a right to expect) is to make SHARED decisions with your support