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Introduction to Hypnobirthing | free workshop | Thursday 10th May | 730 - 830pm

FREE workshop | Thursday 10th May | 730 - 830pm

If you've heard about hypnobirthing and;

  • you're wondering if it could be the perfect way for you to dial DOWN the fearful anticipation & dial UP your confident focus, and...

  • you'd like to understand how much practical, evidence-based information it includes before you commit to a course, and...

  • you want to make sure there's not too much crazy woo).

...then you're going to find this hour really worthwhile.

Being pregnant, preparing to have a baby and become a mother - it's such a gear change from the usual pace of life, I know. For me, the sense that birth = suffering was overwhelmingly scary...but at the same time I was worried that I just wasn't 'woo' enough for something like Hypnobirthing. That's exactly the concern I've designed this session to overcome.

You'll leave this session feeling confident & focused, and clutching a super cool goody back packed with treats.

Here, just to let you know, is how it's going to flow; 7.15pm - Doors open; come & say hi & bag a seat 7.30pm - Welcome from me 7.40pm - Why Birth is like a marathon....and why this is a GOOD thing! 7.50pm - The Red Hypno- Herring...dispelling some myths 8.00pm - The truth about Birth 8.10pm - Birth doesn't happen to you, it IS you 8.20pm - Q&A I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Tickets for this class are FREE. But spaces ARE limited, so please REGISTER HERE to secure your place.

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