Can Hypnobirthing help me during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Right. Let’s be honest. If you’re due to have your baby any time before June, the last few weeks have been dreadful. In fact, if you’re due to have your baby at any time this year, you’re probably feeling a bit wobbly.

Coronoavirus hasn’t just shut down schools, businesses & local parks. It has also caused huge disruption to maternity services. First, came precautionary vulnerability, then reassurance from the Royal Colleges of Midwives and of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, next, confirmation of the limiting of birth partners (in time & number), followed by alarming news from NYC that birth partners were being refused. Rumour of the same here in the UK followed, and finally, last week, our own Trust confirmed that home birth services have been withdrawn.

The detail of that narrative is less important that the pervasive feeling of uncertainty, instability & anxiety it has unleashed. Ruth, Laura and I have spoken to countless women this month & last who know that their birth plans will change but aren’t sure how or to what degree. We hear their worries about loss of control & autonomy, their fears that coronavirus trumps them & their babies and heralds more protocols & less compassion.

  • So what does hypnobirthing mean in all this?

  • How does hypnobirthing work if you’re faced with a hospital birth you didn’t want?

  • Can hypnobirthing help in the Age of Coronovirus?