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Tess's story of Ada's birth

"I’m a planner. I always have been. This baby was planned down to the month, and we got pregnant first try. There was no doubt in my mind I wanted a natural, drug free, intervention free, strongly supported home birth. I organised my self a calm, caring, well informed doula named Ruth (and equally lovely backup Laura), my midwife was on board with all my decisions, I had my birth pool, my best friend to photograph the birth and we had everything ready to go.

Well. Babies do that they want! My waters broke Sunday morning 36+1, and medical professionals wanted to induce me. No thanks! I wanted to wait and see if my body would do it by itself. I went for observations each day at the hospital to make sure baby was fine, started taking antibiotics just incase, and every day was having some periods of regular contractions that were very slowly changing intensity. I was checked with speculum and told a few times I wasn’t in labour, although what they meant was active labour, I was clearly in a long latent phase. I was also given many different plans on what they wanted me to do, depending on who was on shift at the hospital, which became quite frustrating. During this time I was constantly in touch with Ruth just going over my decisions and making sure I was advocating for myself as best as I could. Tuesday night was particularly hard, the contractions changed position, and the worry about infection was taking over my mind. When we went in for that days observations I asked to start induction, while still really not wanting the artificial hormones. Went in and got examined, and was 3cm so I didn’t need the gel to soften my cervix. I went to the next stage which would have been i.v hormones to kick start active labour, and while having baby get routine monitoring first I suddenly had some contractions, so asked if I could have a bit more time, thinking they would give me an hour or so. The doctors seemed happy with my contractions so suggested 4-6hrs! I was happy with that. I went for a walk, with the contractions getting dramatically stronger and stronger, and agreed that Ruth could come up to the hospital (not thinking there would be much to do for a while, but my husband could use some support helping me with the pain). I couldn’t sit, and could feel so much pressure and within an hour and a half (or maybe less) all of a sudden I had a ridiculous urge to PUSH, so called the midwife. She was obviously surprised and suggested she check me first, and oh, yes! There’s a head there, go on! I think it was about 5/6 contractions using gas and air as something to focus on, to get out the head and out came my baby! A whirlwind of speed! 36+4 and 5lb 13, but so squishy and sweet. Ruth was arriving up the stairs as I gave birth- there was just no time! I’m so glad I didn’t follow what the doctors wanted, it worked out for me that I knew my body just needed some extra time to feel everything.

I was informed, I questioned, I didn’t accept generic advice.

What a wild ride, getting exactly what I wanted but with the exact opposite route I wanted to take.

About The Good Birth Practice

We work together because although we're quite different, we have the same mission; 

To provide women with the information, inspiration, insight

& support they need to access a Good Birth experience

We don't think the idea of 'not suffering' when you have your baby is a radical idea, really. Actually, we thing every woman deserves to reflect on her birth with pride & positivity. Birth is hard work (however you do it), that doesn't mean you need to suffer indignity, powerlessness or lack of control, though.  

We work together because it means we can support women & families through every stage of their transition to Motherhood (whether you're becoming a mum again or for the first time). From antenatal education, to group & 121 hypnobirthing classes, to doula support, we're here for you. 

Also, we're collaborators! Together we can share our personal & professional development, we can review & reflect on our experiences and we can share access to an absolute GOLD MINE of information about pregnancy, birth, the fourth trimester, motherhood, parenting & generally settling into this family-life lark. 

Would you like to work with us? Find out more about our various packages here, or simply email us to arrange a chat....


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