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Welcome to The Birth Room

The past few weeks have been a fair whirl-wind of change & uncertainty, and it's fair to acknowledge that this is one of the crappiest times to be pregnant. What should be a truly glorious time has fast become one of anxiety and worry.

We've been hearing your discomfort and distress about the uncertainty Covid-19 has bought to your pregnancy and birth plans. Initially it was hard to know how to help you navigate - so much uncertainty and change in such a short time, and some of the most important aspects of birth - place and partner - limited. Even in this short time, though, we've seen that it IS still possible to have your positive birth experience.  So, Welcome to The Birth Room. Our way to help you navigate your final weeks of pregnancy & birth during the time of corona. We're applying all our hypnobirthing-based, doula exprience, and keeping it personal and intimate. Over 5 zoom sessions spaced over 7 days and 1:1 follow up calls, we will give you all of the practical, physical and emotional tools you need to have a calm, positive and empowering birth - regardless of how corona might be affecting the World outside your birth room. Between us Laura, Ruth and I have over 15 years experience in the birth world. We have attended 60+ births and supported numerous families during the postnatal period. We are in close contact with a number of trusts across the country and have a real-life understanding of the practicalities of giving birth during this time - and how to make it work for you. We are limiting places on our course to just 5 people/couples, and will be running our pilot course next week for a discounted price of £80.


Charlotte Edun is a doula, hypnobirthing & antenatal teacher & Positive Birth Movement facilitator. Along with Laura Scarlett and Ruth Pay she runs The Good Birth Practice, based in Sevenoaks, Kent and providing pregnancy, birth & post-natal support for women & families in Kent, Surrey & South East London.

The Birth Room, hypnobirthing based, doula led, pregnancy & birth support groups start Spring 2020.

Group Hypnobirthing classes resume in May 2020.

Doula services continue, remotely, as they always have and always will.

We're adapting quickly to provide the services you need at this crazy, unprecedented time. It means we haven't updated all our channels yet. If you need support but you can't quite see how to get it, please contact us and we'll provide all the support we can...


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